WinPIM 11.31.3230

Keep your contacts in order

WinPIM is an intuitive and well-organized program to keep all aspects of your life under control. View full description


  • Lots of room for extra information
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Good search function
  • Password protected


  • Amount of information excessive for many users


WinPIM is an intuitive and well-organized program to keep all aspects of your life under control.

Equally suitable for personal or business use, WinPIM uses an Outlook-like interface to organize your contacts, calendar, tasks, diary, notes and email. The whole program is highly customizable, meaning that you can change almost any aspect of its physical appearance to make sure it suits your needs. Configuration options are also extensive. Best of all, WinPIM is password protected.

Although it does its job well, WinPIM doesn't really offer the average user anything that can't be found in programs such as Microsoft Outlook. Where it does excel, however, is in the volume of extra information that can be added to each field, with the ability to attach notes, photos, files and other documents to almost every function. There are also multiple fields within each entry. Everything is importable and exportable, making it very unlikely that you won't be able to add the information and details you need.

WinPIM has some nice touches, like a solid search function and a section that easily converts time zones and area codes. This is great for users who want to keep extremely detailed records.

WinPIM is an efficient personal organizer that is especially useful for users who need to record lots of supplementary information.


  • [NEW] Add new Brief view in contact window
  • [NEW] Add Scroll Bar when contact window is too small
  • [NEW] Check duplicated contact when add new contact
  • [NEW] Clean Search History
  • [NEW] Show Navigate information in Reading window when there's no item selected
  • [NEW] Support Logical search
  • [NEW] Show besides month in month calendar
  • [IMPROVED] Huge amount data list performance
  • [IMPROVED] Add Tasks list speed in Calendar view
  • [IMPROVED] Show contacts more quickly

User reviews about WinPIM

  • AC-Owner

    by AC-Owner

    ""Terrible company. WinPIM is a 1/2 star program.""

    Requested actions within the program is very slow coming up. Contacted the company with a request to help solve this ...   More.